DIU ArTeC + (Arts, Technologies, digital, human mediations and Creations), School university Researcher ArTeC + Paris,FR 2020/2021

Post-Diploma «Arts & Sound Creations» National Academy for Fine Arts (ENSA) in Bourges FR 2019/2020

Master of Creation and Contemporary Technology. National School of Industrial Design. ENSCI  Les Ateliers, Paris, FR 2016/ 2017

Master in Arts – Morphology of Space. School of Architecture, Design and Urbanism.FADU University of Buenos Aires, AR 2011/2013

Design School, 5-year diploma.  Faculty of Architecture and Design.The University of Valparaiso, CL 2004/2009

Bachelor of Design, 4-year diploma. Design School Faculty of Architecture and Design.The University of Valparaiso, CL 2004/2007


Transphonix, Radio Tsonami Sound Arts Festival 2021, Valparaiso, CL 2021

Drums.Lab, Résidence Mille et un Plateaux à L’Antre Peaux, Bourges, FR 2020

International Festival Monde-s Multiple-s 2020 at L’Antre Peaux,  Drums Lab.(Live-Stream) Bourges, FR

Contribution Radiophrenia with Nina quessnerr- Sound ecology series- sound piece Ritus  Glasgow’s Centre for Contemporary Arts Glasgow,UK 2020 

 Drums SHow International Festival Monde-s Multiple-s 2020 at L’Antre Peaux,  Drums Lab.(Live-Stream) Bourges, FR  2020 Mondes Multiples | DRUMS SHOW

Ars Electronica Festival. Drums Radio –Collective Drums Kepler’s Garden, (Live-Stream) Linz, AT 2020

SAW Sofia Art Week . Sofia, BG  202

Duality (with Kevin Brophy) coordinated by WoCO, Sofia Arts Week, RESONATOR, Sofia, BG 2019

Baguala – Installation Performance Museum of Contemporary Art in Chiloé, CL 2019

Morphogenesis: Generative deformation presented 8th edition of the seminary. Association for Research on Digital Architectural Design. FR 2018

5 Biennial Edition Emergences: Crafts, Design, Contemporary Art – FR ,2018

Art Show ,  Sofia.BG , july 2018

DIaporama – Open House ENSCI les Ateliers -Paris FR, 2018

MasterPiece – Collective exhibition ENSCI les Ateliers – Paris FR, nov 2017

Cruce – Installation – Buenos Aires, AR 2016

BA TA CLAN – Project Gallery Bis – Paris, FR nov 2016

Free Art Sunday – Blue Flag – Geneva, CH 2014 

Ephemere – Urban installations – ephemeral – Paris, FR 2014 

Plus Jamais Seul – Never Alone – Standards Gallery – Rennes, FR 2013

The discreet charm of form – Gallery  FADU UBA Buenos Aires, AR 2011

La Traza – Expo Design and Handicrafts Competition – Bogotá, Co 2011 

Biennale Design – Mapocho Station Gallery – Biennale of Design – Santiago, CL 2010

Remade – Animal Gallery , Santiago, CL Nov-Dec 2010

Casa Brasil – Pavilion design. Collective exhibition, Porto Alegre, BR 2009

Redesign – Gallery Santo Domingo -Santiago, Chile, 2008

Silla Latina – Latin American Collective Design Exhibition – Bueno Aires,AR  2008



Sound Glacier of Patagonia, Kepler’s Garden, Festival Ars Electronica 2020, (Live-Stream) Linz, AT 2020

The breath of the cave that cries, Parc des Buttes-Chaumont, Paris, FR  2020

Polyphonic porque, because, porquoi ?, Kepler’s Garden, Festival Ars Electronica 2020, (Live-Stream) Linz, AT 2020

TIMO, Kepler’s Garden, Festival Ars Electronica 2020, (Live-Stream) Linz, AT 2020

TransDrumsDrama,(with Celine Jiang)   International Multiple Monde 2020 in L’Antre Peaux, Bourges, FR 2020

Collective unconscious,( with @collectif Drums) International Multiple World  at L’Antre Peaux. (Live-Stream) Bourges, FR 2020

The witches of micro, (with Celine Jiang) Radio-Radio, National Higher Art School of Bourges, FR (Live-Stream) 2019

Ser Baguala, MAM Chiloé Museum of Contemporary Art, Castro, CL 2019

Etre sauvage, Hang-Art, Live Paris, FR 2019

Radical,  Basement Studio, live , Paris, FR 2019

Fiction de Fouillard, Billettes Cloister, Live,  Paris, FR 2018

Imaginaire lines, Art Show, Sofia, BG 2018

Out Des Performance, Paris, FR 2017

Root and seed, performance Dance, Valparaiso, CL 2016

The Darkness of the Waters, Open Doors of the Belleville Art Studio, Performance on poem Alejandra Pizarnik, Music Tom Ho. Paris,  FR 2016

Improvisation on me,  Frigos Paris, FR 2015 

The root of Us, performance Urban Dance, Valparaiso, CL 2014




Residency Mille et un Plateaux – Collectif Drums.L’Antre Peaux, Bourges,FR dic 2020

MAM Chiloé Museum of Contemporary Art, Castro, CL 2019.

World of Co Residency. World of CO, Sofia, BG July 2018

Residency. La Halle Papin. Pantin FR 2018


Fellowships and Awards

2020 FONDART CNCA FELLOWSHIP (National  Ministry of Culture and Arts)
which is currently the main and most important source of funding for
artists in Chile. Scholarship to follow a Post-diploma Art & Sound
Creation National School of Art of Bourges.

2019 Paris City Hall. Place de l’Europe-Simone Veil – 9th arr.
Finalist project of the competition. ELLIPTICAL MAPPING
with Marjolaine Dégremont, DeGremont / Riffo

2012 FONDART CNCA FELLOWSHIP (National Council of Culture and Arts)
which is currently the main and most important source of funding for
artists in Chile. Scholarship to follow a Master of Morphology.

2007 Design Award with Abalde project Valparaiso CL




Morphogenesis POSTER- Generative Deformation presented 8th edition of the seminary is placed under the aegis of the Association for Research on Architectural Design Digital ARCAN.  FR 2018

Geometry and Dreams – ENSCi – les Ateliers CTC Master FR 2017

The Changing Form: Transformations and Design – Roberto Bonifacio Ed. Concentra. Buenos Aires  AR 2014

4th Biennial Design Catalogue – Design of Chili (magazine) – Santiago.CL 2010



Conference and workshops of Morphology: Logic and Technique of the Form at University of Valparaiso, CL 2012

Favela Monte Azul Workshop CH + IT + BR + AR. The University of Mackenzie. Sao Paulo. BR 2008



Collaborative Projects

[Space design – scenography ]

La Javelle –  Scenography Creation and revision of outdoor installation on the river Seine. 1000 meters of space.Paris FR, 2017

La Cocina Publica –  Container Theater – Scenography of the ephemeral installation in a shipping container 500 m² -IVRY-sur-Seine, FR 2015

Festival des Arts – Scenography – “Photosynthesis of the City” – Container Theater (Teatro Container) – Valparaíso, CL 2015

Artistic Workshop – The Spirit of the Staircase. Collaboration with artist Marjolaine Degremont. City Hall. Paris Fr 2015

Silencio-  Scenography – Implementation of a sculpture. Collaboration with artist Joséphine Wister Faure. Paris, FR 2014

SIlencio – Scenography – Black Forest Installation. Silencio Collaboration – David Lynch Club – Paris, FR 2014

Parabellum – Scenography for a punk band show. Paris FR 2014

Nuit Blanche – Art installation – Implementation – sound installation DUDH (Droit universel de l’homme), Collaboration with artist Marjolaine Degremont. Paris FR 2013

Atelier El Litre – Scenography and sculptures, tissue, metalworking, woodwork. For the Santiago Theater Company, Valparaiso CL, 2013 

Casa FOA CMD (Metropolitan Center of Design) – Installation and Scenography – Conceptualizations of the design and installation. Buenos Aires, AR 2011

Atelier Bremer – Scenography achievement. Realization of models – Buenos Aires AR 2011

Sculpture – a collaboration with the artist Francisca Nuñez. Woodwork and painting, sculptures made of wood, metal, art painting. Santiago, CL 2010

Atelier Nikolas Sato – Assistant to Plastic artist for one year. Santiago, CL 2010

Post Tsunami Aid – Travel to the island of (Robinson Crusoe) with the artist Nikolas Sato for the urban furniture project. Juan Fermandez, CL 2010

Festival des Arts- Scenography Design installation – Proposed design, rendered design, assembled all work. Transformed shipping container installation 36 m². Valparaiso, CL. 2010.

Vaca Valiente – Six-month design internship – Design of recycled leather products. Buenos Aires, AR 2009

Ghetto ecodesign – Internship – Design and creation of new products. Porto Alegre, BR 2007